Advisor's Highlight- Deepanshu Sharma

INTERVIEWER: Let’s begin. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

RESPONDENT: Myself Deepanshu Sharma, Currently the CEO of the KCLP (Kross Chain Launchpad). Apart from this, I consider myself a veteran in the Cryptoverse , as I have been around in the space in 5+ years.

INTERVIEWER: Wow. Sounds cool. You’re one of the early adopters of crypto I see.

RESPONDENT: Yeah, you can say that, I bought the first crypto as #BTC when it was around 1000$ or more.

INTERVIEWER: Wow. I must say I’m impressed to know this. So what led you into the crypto space?

RESPONDENT: This is the answer with many layers, and can’t remember much clearly what made me enter the cryptospace, one of which was its usability and ease of storing the cryptocurrency. I was attracted to the fact that a thing could be created and used as a form of payment without the need for bank interruption or carrying loads of money in my pocket. I must confess, that I was also one of those people that used to play the free BTC casino and was happy with nothing I got from that for a while. From that, I understood, that there could be more to it, and have been divulging further ahead.

INTERVIEWER: Cool. Cryptocurrencies have really made payments a lot easier. So you think crypto will successfully overthrow the banking sector?

RESPONDENT: In my opinion, cryptocurrency has become a form of payment and has been competing with the use of banks for storing money, investments, trading, and many more features that banks couldn’t provide. Competition brings out the best in you, as far as I can see, banks are trying to get in a race with cryptocurrency and many banks have moved way farther into integrating and creating their own cryptocurrencies. In the end, banks would utilize cryptocurrencies for their payments and much more, as it is easy to take someone hand in hand rather than fighting the inevitable. For overthrowing banking, the banks are the root for the development of cryptocurrencies, so I don’t think they are going away anytime soon.

INTERVIEWER: Okay. I love your view on this.

RESPONDENT: Thank you.

INTERVIEWER: Let’s move on. So if you were not the CEO of KCLP, what would you have been?

RESPONDENT: Well, I have been many things in life as well as crypto space. I have worked on almost every aspect of cryptospace, from a community member to community manager, marketing manager, and many more aspects I couldn’t even recall. I didn’t have a specific goal in my mind while starting this project, I just wanted to start something of my own and which has some value in this small but expanding cryptoverse. If I would have not started this, I would have been working in either one of the mentioned above positions and trying to get some likeminded people which I have gotten in my team (I couldn’t thank them enough for the support they provide) or starting something small, if not that big that KCLP has become.

INTERVIEWER: Okay. KCLP has really grown big within a short frame of time

RESPONDENT: Indeed it has, and would become more big with your support and things that we would be learning from each other. For example, I didn’t even thought that this could be a way to welcoming onboard advisors or even a project.

INTERVIEWER: Ohh. Alex told me you were surprised when he spoke of the interview. Indeed we learn everyday.

RESPONDENT: Yeah we do, and you know sometimes we get stuck in so many other things that we forget about such little things and I consider that little things create surprises and are much better than big things.

INTERVIEWER: Sure. I’m glad you loved the idea of an interview. So let’s move on.


INTERVIEWER: What crossed your mind when Padd Finance requested that you become their advisor?

RESPONDENT: To be frank, At first, I was a little surprised and humbled as when Alex asked me to be onboard as an advisor, as we were not at that height of success or development as a project should be before getting approached (it was just around 2-3 weeks of KCLP launch). After letting it settle down, I considered that a synergy makes us interact with new people, which let me to further interact with Alex and you guys as well, and the gut feeling that I got from him and you guys was quite positive and enthusiastic, which made me change my mind. Also, no one in this expanding cryptoverse is experienced, we are just on a learning curve and more you interact with people and projects, more you learn and same goes for you guys. So the surprise converted eventually into excitement!

INTERVIEWER: Wow. We were really excited when you accepted also. Tapping from your wealth of experience is one thing we look up to.

RESPONDENT: Indeed we look forward to learn from your experience as well.


RESPONDENT: As every story is an experience to be shared, and interpretation to be utilized for future efforts.

INTERVIEWER: Of course. I’m learning a lot already. Thanks a lot. So two more questions and we wrap up.


INTERVIEWER: What is your projection about the KCC ecosystem and do you think it will get bigger or smaller?

RESPONDENT: In my opinion, KCC is a bud in the current stage, as the KCC community and kucoin itself have not generated much traction in terms of project developments or prominent dexes (which I think is a silence before the boom). Also, the start of the bear market coincided with the KCC chain launch and resulted in slowing down its development. I think it would be needing this end of the year to fully bloom and turn into a beautiful flower-like BSC has.

INTERVIEWER: Okay. We also think the KCC has some good prospects and that’s why we decided to build there.

RESPONDENT: Also, to just add to this, the KCC is more scalable and low cost as compared to the BSC and ETH right now. A transaction costs less than 1 cent, which I would say is the best feature of KCC and I am expecting it to increase to about 10 cents even after congestion from increase in users, that would be least when compared to other blockchains.

INTERVIEWER: Any plans of deploying a token on the KCC ecosystem?

RESPONDENT: We have already created a bridge between BSC to KCC and KCC to BSC of our own, which would be utilized for converting the tokens from one chain to another. As our name suggests we would be having our tokens on multiple chains and users from any chain would be able to take part in our launchpad by staking tokens on either of the chains. So yes, we are in the works for deploying our own token on KCC, and it is already possible through our bridge.

INTERVIEWER: Okay. Sounds good. Will really be a boost for KCLP.

RESPONDENT: Indeed, already the bridge is completely function for our first incubation K-ROOT and its working smoothly. As we go down the road it would be completely functional for KCLP as well.

INTERVIEWER: That’s fine. I followed K-ROOT’s IDO too. It was a huge success.

RESPONDENT: Indeed, despite the fully unlock of tokens it could went to more than 3x, and as the time goes by the price would stabilize and move upwards.

INTERVIEWER: Last question.


INTERVIEWER: So what advise do you have for the Padd finance team?

RESPONDENT: Based on my interaction with you guys and Alex, I found you guys to be quite experienced in your own domains which as a team is awesome. Also, one more thing that I liked about the team is that they don’t try to be know it all, instead, they try to get in contact with the right person which can save a lot of time and help in making correct decisions for the project. My advice for the team and project would be to keep hustling until you make it, it’s a jungle out there.

INTERVIEWER: Thanks a lot for the kind words and also for the advise. We look forward to working with KCLP

RESPONDENT: We look forward for the same.

INTERVIEWER: This brings us to the end of the interview. I’m so sorry it took so much time.

RESPONDENT: Nah, Ben, it was quite an enthralling experience for me.



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