You are currently viewing PADD FINANCE MOCK IDO: HOW TO GO ABOUT IT

With regards to the PADD Finance MOCK IDO, this article will guide the PADD army on how to go about the process of staking, buying, claiming of tokens and all other processes involved in using the launchpad. This mock IDO will last for a period of one week to enable the community test out and provide proper feedback with regards to the launchpad.

To take part in the mock IDO, please follow the step by step guide provided below and reach out to any of the PADD Finance admins in case of any difficulties.


  • Firstly, configure your metamask wallet to the KCC testnet by using this guide and proceed to request faucets which will be utilized as gas fee.
  • The next step involves adding up the test IDO tokens to your metamask wallet. Two test IDO tokens are provided to serve the purposes of staking and paying for allocation. The T-padd token serves the purpose of staking while the buy-padd token serves the purpose of paying for allocation.

T-PADD: 0x95F945e893f93156FA726a3edB4A3ff270299D9b

BUY PADD: 0xa03df0FE014664CF01d352a91EFB259C070e3a20

  • The next step is to visit the padd launchpad and connect your metamask wallet on KCC testnet network by clicking the “connect wallet” button at the top right. Users can easily connect wallet but to take part in launchpad activities, users need to be registered for KYC purposes. After registration, please make sure your account is logged in and wallet connected to begin IDO.
  • Click on the “All projects” menu at the left and select the test IDO. Then proceed to join a preferred staking pool using the T-PADD token.
  • Staking will last for a period of 3 days after which the IDO will advance to the funding round. Proceed to redeem your IDO allocations using the BUY PADD test tokens.
  • The funding round will last for a period of 12 hours after which the vacuum will be opened if IDO allocations aren’t filled. On closure of vacuum, the claim round will open.
  • Claim round marks the end of the IDO and will remain open for a period of 3 days. After claiming, head over to the google form link provided below to enter your feedbacks or observations if any.