(Blockchain Integrations)

We are looking for a passionate developer with solid experience and no fear of learning new things. Are you a front-end magician? Do you “speak” blockchain technology? Are you a quick learner when it comes to new technologies, frameworks, or libraries? Do you want to work with the latest technologies used in the blockchain world? If you answered yes to most of the questions then we are looking forward to working with you.


  1. Integrate interaction with blockchain into React frontend app to support functionality of several smart contracts. This includes, submitting transactions, updating user’s balances and other values, updating the state of submitted transactions in the state management tool and more
  2. Build reusable cross-chain libraries Integrate your own UI/UX improvements to incentivize the users to use the platform.
  3. Work with the state of the art developer stack feeling strong about your code.
  4. Understand the flow of the assets from the smart contracts’ perspective.

Requirements & skills

  1. 5+ years of programming experience.
  2. Experience working in DeFi frontend development .
  3. Understand the flow of the web3 application.
  4. Understand how to interact with solidity contracts- Call functions, get properties, check status of the submitted transaction using web3.
  5. Advanced knowledge of frontend state management using React Redux (and redux toolkit) or any other state management tool for React framework.
  6. Basic knowledge of React context and hooks Typescript.
  7. Written and spoken communication skills in English for a professional environment.

Nice to have

Experience with Solidity and or other smart contract development languages


  1. Competitive salary
  2. 100% remote
  3. Growing challenging environment
  4. Learning possibilities (conferences, meet-ups, courses, etc.)