How to Add $PAD Token to Metamask Wallet


PADD token is built on the KCC Mainnnet and has to be added manually to metamask wallet. Adding $PAD to metamask wallet is easy and this article will guide our users on how to add the token to their wallets. Follow the step by step guide to easily add $PAD to metamask wallet.

How to Add $PAD to Metamask Wallet

  1. Launch your metamask wallet and add the KCC mainnet first. Read our article on how to add the KCC Mainnet network here. After adding the KCC Mainnet network, the screen should appear as shown in the image below.
Click the 'add token' tab at the bottom of the image

2. Click the ‘Add token‘ tab and fill in the contract address and other configuration details. The configuration details for $PAD token can be seen below;

Token Contract Address: 0x1e2fbb76c8daf5a0a8f91388bac09511f3d7ac62

Token Symbol: PAD

Token Decimal: 18

Paste the 'Token contract address'. The 'token symbol' and 'token decimal' are updated automatically.

3. Click ‘Next‘ after filling in the configuration details. It displays a screen similar to the one shown below afterwards.

Click 'Add Tokens' and your $PAD token automatically adds to your metamask wallet.

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