How to Get KCS and USDT on KCC Network From Kucoin to Metamask and Other Wallets

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Since PADD is built on the KCC network, it is of importance that our investors learn how to get USDT and KCS to their KCC supported wallets. At the moment, the recommended wallet is metamask but other private wallets such as token pocket can also be used. Since the KCC network is mainly available on Kucoin at the moment, we’ll be making use of Kucoin and metamask for this tutorial.

Steps to Get KCS or USDT to Kucoin

  1. Download the Kucoin app and set it up. It usually requires no KYC to begin transactions but withdrawal is only available after 24 hours of setting up your Kucoin account.
  2. Deposit some USDT or KCS from any other exchange to Kucoin. To do this, visit the Kucoin website or app and select ‘assets’, then click on ‘deposit’. Then copy out the USDT or KCS address on whichever network you wish to transfer from. Using the address you copied, transfer the selected assets from any other exchange to Kucoin by selecting the correct the network.
Select the preferred network you wish to transfer the USDT or KCS from. Then copy the address and make the deposit. In this guide, we used TRC20 network.

Following the steps above, the USDT or KCS will be available in the your Kucoin account. Follow the steps below to transfer from Kucoin to metamask using the KCC network.

Steps to Transfer USDT or KCS From Kucoin to Metamask

To transfer USDT or KCS from kucoin to metamask, follow the simple guide below.

  1. Add KCC network to metamask. To add KCC network to metamask, follow the guide in this link.
  2. After adding KCC network, copy your metamask wallet address and move over to Kucoin. Click ‘assets’ and then click on ‘withdraw’ on Kucoin. Enter the wallet address you copied from metamask and paste to the wallet address section on Kucoin. Select the KCC network and enter amount of assets to transfer. Click ‘Confirm’ and check your metamask wallet to confirm funds.
Make sure to select the KCC network while making the withdrawal from Kucoin to Metamask. Following the steps above, the selected asset will be added to your metamask.

Finally, KCS is available by default in KCC-mainnet network because it is the native token. If USDT is transferred from Kucoin to metamask, you have to add it manually using the USDT contract address on KCC.

To add USDT to metamask on KCC, open your metamask and select ‘Add token’. Add the contract address of USDT on KCC network and your USDT will be visisble.

USDT CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x0039f574ee5cc39bdd162e9a88e3eb1f111baf48

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