On June 16th 2021, Kucoin announced the launch of Kucoin Community Chain(KCC), which is a decentralized public chain built on Ethereum.

Armed with its high performance feature, one need not to be told that the Kucoin Community Chain will be the next big chain in the public space.

Out of the need to facilitate and help the Kucoin Community Chain achieve its potential, comes PADD.FINANCE; the next generation launchpad for Kucoin based community projects.‚Äôs ecosystem is robust and comprises of; 

-Padd Launchpad (PLP)

-Padd Swap (PSP)

-Padd Labs (PBS)

Padd Launchpad:

By leveraging on our Launchpad, KCC based projects will receive a boost on their way to building an innovative solution. Our exciting community will rally around them by investing in their pre-sale and private round. 

Our inclusive phenomenon ensures that every user who indicates interest in our platform will have an allocation in the interested project. 

We are helping grow the kucoin community chain ecosystem by driving inclusion.

Padd Swap:

In our quest to become a robust protocol in the Kucoin Community Chain, Padd swap will help our community users swap different kcc based projects against different trading pairs. Features like Liquidity mining will also be introduced in the swap. Easy coin swap for kucoin projects.

Padd Labs:

Our mission of growing the Kucoin Community Chain system will never be complete without the Labs. This is our special virtual based incubation programme aimed at incubating the best and innovative DEFI projects that are based on the Kucoin Community Chain.

Padd Finance is on a mission to grow the KCC ecosystem and we are doing that one step at time.

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