Padd finance AMA session with The Greycryptohub

In our quest to enhance the growth of our community, we had an AMA with the Greycryptohub on telegram on the 30th of July 2021. The AMA was really engaging and it further exposed the Padd finance project to a large audience. Below is a recap of the AMA session.

♠️ Padd Finance AMA Transcript ♠️ | by The Grey CryptoHub | Jul, 2021 | Medium

♠️ Segment 1 — Introduction Segment ♠️

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Q1)Could you please introduce yourself as well as Padd Finance?

Alex Jaypee:
Thank you for the question.

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Curious to hear what you’ve got

Alex Jaypee:
Thank you for the opportunity to be here!
I am Alex Jaypee! I am a serial technology entrepreneur who has encountered many successes as well failures in his entrepreneurial Journey.
I founded and worked in different sectors which include Media and Data intelligence, Edutech, Fintech and Alternative to Finance. I have over 6 years of Top Management Experience including leading and running a high flying startup.
I have been involved in blockchain since 2017 and I have been opportuned to work as a consultant and in the core team of several projects which include Elesaro, Konomi Network,Launchpool, DragonBite, Apricot and Refinable. I also work with Top UK projects like Baanx. I have been DEFI -ing(defying) all odds since 2017

Padd is the community Launchpad Ecosystem for Kucoin Community Chain Projects. Our mission is to accelerate and grow the KCC ecosystem while ensuring that our community members gain fair allocation access to mouthwatering pre-sales in the innovative project listed on our platform. Our Ecosystem consist of :
-Padd Launchpad(PLP): PLP uses Point Allocation System to give users who staked access to invest in pre-sales and private rounds. Our drives inclusion with our point allocation system by ensuring that every user who indicated interest in a project by staking receives a fair allocation.
-Padd Swap: A smart and easy way to swap and liquidate projects that are listed on our platform.
-Padd Labs: Our incubator labs for KCC based projects.


Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
DeFi ing ✨ interesting

Excited to hear more from you about Padd Finance🤩

Q2)Can you provide an overview of $PADD Tokenomics also it’s utilities?

Alex Jaypee:
I am glad you are excited as well🔥🔥

Sure. I will provide an overview Real Quick!

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Go ahead!!

Alex Jaypee:
Padd token has a fixed supply and is deflationary in nature.

Total Fixed Token Supply: 300,000,000.
However you can see full tokenomics in our whitepaper which is here:

-5% of the revenue generated monthly will be used to burn the token.
-20% of the token is reserved for the maintenance and growth of the ecosystem.

Token Utility
Our token utility includes the following:
Stake to Invest: Our community users stake our token for a period of time in order to gain an allocation slot to invest in the token.

Staking for ROI: Token holders can stake our token in order to gain ROI.

Invest: Payment for the allocated pre-sale/private round slot will be made in $Pad token.

Nomination: Holders of $Pad token will be given the opportunity to nominate projects that will be listed on our platform. The Analysis Team,vets the project and lists it.


Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Let me read the info🧐

Alex Jaypee:
Sure you can!
Read through.🔥

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Okay cool !

To sum it up $PAD is an essential aspect of the ecosystem

Q3). Can you share your Roadmap with us ? What achievements we can expect from Padd Finance in the near future?

Alex Jaypee:
The $Pad token is super essential.

Our Roadmap is an ambitious but achievable one. A brief overview of our roadmap includes the following:

Q3 2021:
– Community Growth Kickstarts.
– Launch project landing page and white paper release.
– Token Smart Contract deployment.
– Ui/Ux Design for the platform
– Private round, Marketing and IDO. – Our pre-sale is kicking off tomorrow and users can join to be whitelisted by joining our Telegram group – and filling in the doc form which will be released soon
– Partnership Establishment
We have already achieved 70% of our goal in Q3 and we are likely to achieve more than that. We are also in partnership talks to Premium Block, Elven coin, Kucoin Launchpad and the Kucoin Community chain. We want our project to be validated by Kucoin. We won’t stop until we get fully recognised.

In Q4, we will be launching our Launchpad while introducing 3 top notch products built on KCC into our platform for our community users to invest in its private round/pr-sale.

Subsequently, we will also launch our Pad Swap and Pad Labs in the upcoming Quarters.
It’s all stated in our Litepaper (

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Another detailed answer! Give me a minute:)

Alex Jaypee:
That’s what we are known for.

We give only detailed answers and we are transparent to the core.

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Woah dynamic 🔥

Well can you name the 3 products??

That will be introduced in the future

Mr. Grey | The Grey CryptoHub:
Really appreciated with you!!

Alex Jaypee:
Well, we don’t wanna let the cats out of the bags immediately. 😜🤪Stay tuned with our announcement channel🔥🔥

We appreciate you too.

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Ohh fair enough 🙂

Mr. Grey | The Grey CryptoHub:
Hahaah…..that would create a excitement for all of us 😁

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Stay tuned everyone!!!!

Time to satisfy the curiosity of our Twitter Community!!!

Shall we move to the Twitter segment @AlexJaypee

♠️ Segment 2 — Twitter Segment ♠️

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
First question from twitter

I really wanna hold a good amount of token but i need to be sure of its profitability. What advantages of holding your token and also where to buy it? What is the token use case & how does it capture the value of ecosystem you’re building? Please Explain.

From @SyedTazbir

Alex Jaypee:
I will give an answer real quick.

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:

Alex Jaypee:
Hello SyedTazbir!

You really need not to be worried because over 10,000 investors will be holding the $Pad token with no intentions of selling.
This is because they will be staking our token constantly in order to gain an allocation slot. The amount of the allocation you gain is dependent on the duration of your staking.

Advantage of holding our token includes:
-Access to Pre-sale/Private investment.
-Holding alongside over 10,000 investors who are believers in the project like you.

-Ability to stake for Roi and for investment.

-You can also pay for your investment allocation slot with the $Pad token.

-Being a holder of $Pad token gives you the opportunity to nominate a KCC based project that will be listed on the platform.

Our Token utility is versatile:
-You can stake $Pad to gain more token.
-You can stake $Pad to gain an allocation slot.
-Payment for the allocation alot can also be done using our token.

Mr. Grey | The Grey CryptoHub:
Well the advantage is really massive 🔥🔥.

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
We are going to become the holders of $PAD as well😁

Alex Jaypee:
Ofcourse Mr.Grey!

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Right Mr.Grey?? 😉

Alex Jaypee:
We will be glad to have you as long term holders!
We will moon together!

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
For sure

Second question from twitter

Besides the airdrop program, you also run the “Referral” program. Can your Airdrop followers make it easier #GreyPeople to get an Airdrop with this Referral program? and What are the other functions of this Referral program?

From @luckluckan1

Alex Jaypee:
The race is wild Open!
You can easily participate in our referral and airdrop program.
Infact by joining the airdrop program, you have automatically joined the referral program. You can start referring users as soon as you gain your referral code from our bot (@paddfi_bot)

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Tremendous 🔥

Mr. Grey | The Grey CryptoHub:
We would also love to do so!😉

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Yeah definitely

Third question from twitter

I have seen that large investors (whales) can buy large amounts of tokens during an offer, which gives them manipulation powers over the token, what solution does PaddFinance offer to stabilize the use of the token and avoid harmful manipulations?

From @PiloT9804

Alex Jaypee:
Awesome. Head to the bot!

Thank you for this question.
We are a community first project and we have mapped out strategies that will enable us check excessive whale power.

Our private round and Pre-sale has a Max cap to it.

This max cap ensures that the token holding is truly decentralised.

Our constant staking functionality also ensures that only holders of the token are driven to purchase the $Pad token.


Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Sounds great 🥂🥂

Alex Jaypee:

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:

Mr. Grey | The Grey CryptoHub:
This one is interesting 🔥🔥👍

Alex Jaypee:
Yea exactly!

Community first!

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Alright! Moving ahead to the next question….

Fourth question from twitter

Building and giving trust to the community is one of the toughest challenges because of the many frauds and crimes happening in crypto today, how can PADD Finance solve this problem and convince investors to invest?

From @krisna120491

Alex Jaypee:
We have made Trust our watchword from day one!
We have been building Trust through viable partnerships with top notch projects that has been in the space before us.

These projects carries out a level of DnD before accepting us.
We are also working towards a partnership with Kucoin and Kcc.
It’s been positive so far.

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Ahh the KuCoin part is my personal favourite😁😁 looking forward to see $PAD on KuCoin..

Mr. Grey | The Grey CryptoHub:
Seriously this will really hit hard on kucoin🔥🔥

Alex Jaypee:
Exactly! It’s our main aim after the Dex.

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:

It’s all going so smooth we reached the last question of the Twitter Segment already!!

Fifth question from twitter

I want to ask, Which one the most important for you in developing the community and increasing the value of the project? Which one that Will you do first?

From @girlofcrypt

Alex Jaypee:
Developing a strong community comes first and then building a valuable product around the community ‘s feedback.

The idea is to solve the problem of the community and not the community solving the problem of the company.

We are a community first project.


Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
That’s the thing which makes the Project strong! #CommunityFirst

😅 sorry for these so many hashtags I’m a #hashtaglover

Alex Jaypee:
No problem!🔥

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Here comes my favourite segment!

The Live segment!!

Alex Jaypee:
I am ready!

♠️ Segment 3 — Live Segment ♠️

1)Animesh Bidua:
✅ How I can buy your tokens? ✅
✅ ✅
✅And how to invest in your ✅
✅ projects?? ✅
✅😊😊😊😊😊😊 ✅
Thank you

Alex Jaypee:
You can purchase our token at the moment through our pre-sale which will opened to the community in the next few hours.
Ensure to join in and purchase at a mouthwatering price before we list!

You can also purchase when we list in Dex like Kudex or Coffeswap.

Finally you can also purchase from Kucoin when we list there.

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Go ahead mate! hold!!!🔥

2)Mireya Frias:
Do you have any new partneship recently? And What advantage of this partnership to the project?

Alex Jaypee:
We are rounding off two partnerships.
One with Premium blocks and KCL .
The Partnership with Premium block will enable us provide more utility to our token.

Users can get involved in liquidity farming and all that.

That of KCL will also have us list our pre-sale on their Pad before the Dex listing and then the Cex.

3)Arnold Gentry:
Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short/long time of release. Is your project also like this? If not can u tell us, What makes your project different from other projects?

Alex Jaypee:
Our project is not like that.

Our team consists of 9 top World class individual with huge experiences in the blockchain space.

After community, product is at the core of what we do.

We are building for the long term not short term.

For us to survive the long term, we must build a product.

For us, Product is a mandatory task!

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Awesome 😎🌟🤩

4)Terri Merri:
Can you please share about your burn system and buyback system? How does burn work for your token?

Alex Jaypee:
Since we are a deflationary token, we have instituted a good burn system.

We have allocated 5% of the revenue generated from our product to burning the $Pad token.

These tokens are burnt forever and will never be in circulation.

Are you planning to promote your project in countries / regions where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project?

Alex Jaypee:
Our project has been one of community first and as such we must consider people from non English speaking regions.

Plans are already in place to develop a Vietnamese and Chinese community.

We are taking it one step at a time.

♠️ segment concluded ♠️

Alex Jaypee:
Thank you guys for this wonderful session!

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Again it was as smooth as butter

You are a pro mate!! Appreciate your skills

Before we conclude the session any last message you wanna give

To the #GreyCommunity

Alex Jaypee:
Thank you so much. I Appreciate.

Mr. Grey | The Grey CryptoHub:
We really enjoyed this amazing session with you!!!😁👍

Alex Jaypee:
$Padd is built out of Love and innovation.

Our aim is that every crypto lover out there will have access to Pre-sale and private rounds of projects they love.

Padd will fulfil its promise with the aim of its robust community.

Thank you.

Mr. Grey | The Grey CryptoHub:
And we are looking forward to further updates regarding your project.🥳😉

Alex Jaypee:
Sure. We will keep you all updated.

We also look forward to the Recap of the AMA.

Mrs.Grey | The Grey Crypto Hub:
Of course will be out shortly!

Again thankyou so much everyone for joining us today!

Mr. Grey | The Grey CryptoHub:
Special thanks to @AlexJaypee for this amazing session.😊

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