PADD Finance Partners With BOLTR


We’re happy to announce PADD Finance’s partnership with BOLTR to facilitate cross promotion and other DeFi related activities.

Boltr is a KCC grant winning premier decentralized exchange and yield farming platform based on the Kucoin Community Chain (KCC) ecosystem. Boltr is the name of the overall ecosystem which contains BOL, Boltrswap, Boltr farm that were fully developed by a non-profit organization which is Boltr labs.

PADD Finance and BOLTR

Padd Finance is a next generation launchpad built on KCC which aims to be the go to launchpad for all projects launching in the KCC ecosystem. Boltr on the other hand is a decentralized exchange built on KCC. Both PADD Finance and Boltr are KCC grant winning projects. Both projects have a strong desire to help grow the KCC ecosystem hence the primary reason for this partnership. The PADD-BOLTR partnership is a mutually beneficial one and will involve the following;

  • Padd and Boltr will be involved in the cross marketing of both projects in other to promote it to a wider audience.
  • Padd will be listing its token on BoltrSwap under the following pairs – $PAD/USDT and $PAD/BOL. Boltr will be providing the liquidity for the $PAD/BOL pair which will be available on Boltrswap.
  • Boltr will integrate the PADD token as part of its payment option for purchasing ads service on KCCSCAN (The new Explorer for KCC).
  • Padd Labs and Boltr Labs will be collaborating in terms of technical expertise and CEX Listing donations.
  • Establishment of BOL-PAD Pool: $PAD and $BOL token holders can stake both tokens to earn $BOL
  • Establishment of PAD-USDT Pool: $PAD token holders can stake both $PAD and USDT to earn $BOL.

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