We’re happy to announce PADD Finance’s partnership with Kross chain Launchpad to facilitate media cross promotion and access to split IDOs for projects incubated on PADD Labs.

KCLPAD is the world’s first Kross chain launchpad for BSC, ERC20 AND KCC chain. They are dedicated to identifying and launching the best projects across the crypto space. The native token of the KCLPAD ecosystem is $KCLP. KCLPAD has found a solution to bring incentive by rewarding all its token holders in a way that is inclusive with a low barrier to entry. With the KCLPAD launchpad structure, all $KCLP token holders who stake their tokens towards an upcoming IDO are given allocations to invest in the IDO. KCLPAD promises fair and equal opportunity distribution to all $KCLP investors.

Padd Finance and Kross chain Launchpad

Padd Finance and Kross chain Launchpad are both Launchpads that aim to identify and launch the best projects in the crypto space. This partnership will see both projects split IDO allocations in order to make sure that IDO targets are met faster and with ease.

About Padd Finance

Padd Finance is a community launchpad for the KCC ecosystem. The Padd Finance ecosystem is made up of the PADD LAUNCHPAD, PADD SWAP and the PADD LABS to incubate and vet promising early stage projects in the KCC ecosystem. The Padd launchpad runs on a staking allocation system (SAS) which ensures that all token holders who stake their $PAD tokens towards an upcoming IDO receive an allocation to invest in that IDO. Padd Finance will also release ‘Presale-X’ in the coming days. Presale-X is an open tool that can be used by projects to run their pre-ido or presale(not backed by a launchpad). Projects listed on Presale-X will also be well vetted to decrease the cases of rug pools.

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About KCLP

KCLPAD is the world’s first Kross Chain Launchpad for BSC, Erc20 & KCC chain, helping projects to raise funds across all three chains. KCLPAD has built a launchpad ecosystem that is aimed towards creating a safer environment for new investors to get an easy entry into Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs), while at the same time offering a guaranteed allocation to everyone who put their $KCLP Tokens into Staking.

Being Community-Driven, KCLPAD ensures that the interests of their community are a priority while they deliver their offerings. To know more about KCLPAD visit their Website or Join their Telegram Group.

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