Padd Finance Partners with Shibance


We’re happy to announce PADD Finance’s partnership with Shibance to facilitate media cross promotion, creation of staking pool and liquidity pool farm for $PAD.

Shibance is a DEX, Farm, and Launchpad built on both BSC and KCC. They’re dedicated to identifying and supporting the best tokens across the crypto space, incentivising deep liquidity for partner projects by offering farming rewards on their token pairs. Shibance’s native tokens are $WOOF (BSC) and $KWOOF (KCC), which are emitted as farming rewards but also accrue value from the platform’s profits. The project has been making great strides over the past few weeks, working with some of the hottest projects on both BSC and KCC.

Padd Finance and Shibance

Padd Finance is built on KCC while Shibance is built on both BSC and KCC. Both share features like decentralized exchange and launchpad built inside the platform.

Shibance will create three $PAD pools (USDT, KCS and KWOOF) and users will be able to earn $WOOF token rewards for providing liquidity on Shibance. In addition, Shibance will also create a KWOOF Doggy pound where platform users can stake $KWOOF to receive $PAD token.

At Shibance, we’re always on the lookout for the top up-and-coming projects in the space, and identified Padd Finance as a potential leader in the KCC ecosystem. Our convictions were strengthened by their recent nomination for the KCC grant. We’re excited to enter into a deep partnership with them, and we’re exploring various avenues for cross collaboration. We are keen to see how things develop over the coming weeks and months!

Shibu- Team Lead, Shibance

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