In view of our recent mishaps during the launch on September 28th – we have decided to institute a relaunch. However we would like to assure the Padd investors that their investment with Padd Finance is safe and still intact – and the relaunch will be handled properly to ensure that the mishaps of the previous launch does not repeat itself.

In view of the Re-Launch, here is what you need to know:


Our Pre-IDO investors who invested through the presale-x will be able to claim their tokens. Our technical team is working with our partners at KCLP to ensure that your data is extracted from Presale-x and properly integrated into KCLP – the claim function will be available on KCLP platform – we will be releasing the link prior to the relaunch time. We are doing this to ensure that the Presale-x Platform will be audited before further usage.


Investors who bought from Kuswap will be receiving a new token. We are already getting the data from the KCC explorer. However people who dumped will not be receiving the new token. Investors who sold part of their token will be receiving the rest of their unsold token. Compensation will be done for those who bought with 40% tax.

We are committed to ensuring that every investor receives the Padd token.


In view of the relaunch – we are redeploying a new smart contract. This smart contract will be audited and reviewed.

The Presale-X platform will be reworked on and its contract audited for future use by KCC based projects.

We will ensure that we make staking/farming  available fews days after launch to ensure that Padd token holders will be able to stake.

The exact date and time for the listing will be announced including any new development on the listing.


A prototype Design of the Padd Launchpad will also be released to the community – the main launch will be in the second week of November.



We have been having a work-packed day, and we are working extra hard to make sure the Launch mishap is solved reasonably. The plan we have opted for will result in leveling the playing field of every PAD investors, and this will also ensure that investors who already made a profit cannot profit again during the relaunch.   

What follows next has been explained below, please read each & every point:   

  1. New $PAD contract has been made with rectifications and it will be sent for Audit. We don’t want to see the mishaps again, so preventive actions are already in the new Contract.   
  2. Every transaction that was done on the now void contract will be checked & a list of those who have claimed their tokens on KCLPAD and sold at a price higher than the IDO Price will be made. These addresses won’t be able to claim the first 20% during the relaunch. But the remaining 80% will be claimable in accordance with the vesting schedule. Since our investors are unable to claim from the Presale-X, we will be making the claiming link available for them on KCLPAD – this will enable us avoid the claim mishap on Presale-X until we have our contract audited.  
  3. Those who claimed early and received only 60% of the claimed tokens will be airdropped the remaining 40% tokens. This applies to those who have sold the 60% tokens at a profit, meaning sold at a price higher than the IDO price of $0.013.   
  4. Those who have claimed their Tokens but didn’t sell any portion of it will be able to claim tokens again during the relaunch of $PAD.   

This whole procedure will take at least 8 days for us to sort everything out. This much time is needed to ensure everything goes according to the plans. We are only doing this to ensure that no investor finds the process unfair or suffers a loss.

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