Hi Padd Army!
It’s been a great last few weeks for us at the executive level of  Padd Finance. In our quest to help grow the Kucoin Community Chain ecosystem by incubating and being the sole launchpad for KCC based projects, we have hit various milestones including over 6,000 community members across all our platforms.

These, we have been able to achieve by cheer grit and the proactive nature of the team. To ice the cake, the Kucoin Community Chain deemed it fit to shortlist us for its upcoming grant. Out of over 16 projects that applied, Padd was shortlisted alongside other notable KCC projects. This is a very huge news for us as our quest to be recognised and validated by the Kucoin Community Chain has been bridged by a step – and there is still much work to be done before we list on Kucoin which is our main aim.

As a standing rule in the KCC grant policy, projects with successful token sales will be exempted from the grant. At the time of writing this article, Padd is yet to conduct a token sale, however our whitelisting application form for our pre-sale is ongoing. No token was distributed or funds collected from our community members as an exchange for allocation slots. This we have done to ensure that as a KCC Grant finalist, we are totally in compliance with the rules and regulation of the KCC grant and of course to maintain and be on course with our quest of being recognised by KCC and Kucoin!

The whitelist application form will remain open with no further closing date till the Grant program comes to an end, however only active community members and strategic contributors to our mission of growing the Kucoin Community Chain ecosystem will be shortlisted. The team will adopt a vigorous process to screen out multiple applications and inactive applicants from the list.

Our whitelisting form has attracted a huge interest that the team is overwhelmed already by the share number of applications, however for the sake of KCC and Kucoin recognition, we will remain in compliance to the rules and regulation of KCC Grant.

We won’t stop pushing until we get to the point where the green nature of the Kucoin Community Chain Ecosystem is fully occupied while Padd is backing the majority of its successful project in the ecosystem through our full suite launchpad platform.

Thank you for the support!

-Alex Jaypee


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